Below is a sample of the acts we have on our books, please click on the thumbnail pictures below to open a full page view. To print any of the full size pictures, please click on file from the top menu and then click on print on the full size page.

Please note this isnt our full range, so please call us so we can fulfill your exact requirements.

Drag Queens
"Tiffany Wells"
"Glam n Glitz "
"Ginny Tonic"
"Basil Fawlty"
"Probably Robbie "
"Craig Vegas"
"Posh Spice"
"Ab Fab"
"Tina Turner"
"Dame Edna"
"Adrian Doughty"
"The Oddballs"
"Tony Silk"
"Tony Gelon"

"Natasha - Belly Dancer "

"Miss Ruby Ravenous"
Burlesque Dancer

"Amber Rockside"
Burlesque Dancer

"J and J"
"Jerry Jerome & Lisanne"